Nine Hard Nails



Clouds horizon waves crash
Bubbles sand kneelly,
Potions hoochie
Razored chappy leashed

Nose muddy with skinny pit of cream
Dumped light yellow east leaves
And amber green breams

Mint fire hunted lint,
Toothy moon they tap
Bombed to glue,
Flute blue and delaying long . . .


You lock tears ahead to tasted good?
Apples so cracked the blue belly born
Sun of winemud if oddest sun fade
Cold redtip if timeroad stop,
Fade by dielife, try the grape

Will sky mow roadgape seelane fade
In dust rose skyRain, her road came close.

Come time we will, come monsoon time
We'll will the will


Ham packed the car
Ragged shoes made up
Foot graph picked up

Forebrowlash cheek nose teeth
Smoke on the eves, window flowers,

Marble facades silver
Searching red statues

A host of chapelhair clouds
Reach above the portico
Shock rain, silver melt breeze
Under riverwet summer


Sun lend dust freeze winter wing,
Blue snow still dumb flakes
Missing, kissed
Fishing down

Press again thou sayeth
Spots tube buttered
Midsoftly own.

The lake so jumped
Draped timemaze
It potted smile


Shield thy gunner
Track some flap,

Lintflake layer if tough take a hairy
Hope filled crime.

Fishwhore tricked if folks leap the ship,
Tried, and hard trill fly turned fun
Sailing rocktalk tuned to prism.

Drip choose moontime
Wrong side you redsea game
Dry red shine shine highfind,
Flower wall shoreblue
Loveroad same red
Side find sky


Sunshine coldflower the push
High bleed do rain away and pull

Dress to find life and walk the wall.

Say you train a shade
Push flowerline stone game, red no rain.


High tell friend crow Lane do keys,
Pull you heat chain wall dropping game
Blue devil Rainflower no saidwing same

More or more on stark rosegold
Crown a fan walker loaded zero

Low matte haze orange, black gull,
One thin tree, red sand shifted
Peeled-off eyes, brows raised in awe
Lips clenched

Heated skystarflower say
Ironwork rake twinkling bay


Be light, the positioned tummy
As joy is buddy drooling

Same fight limping,
Poorshot thy exempt
Le mice height

Berry monkbitch flip mine suckhit
Like siderain slip thy dipfree dire,
Inside shake like rip path
Brains waterkiss drool
Housed of nastybound
Bad choice le meat

Boots up to spank a spinning top, spank
You not do us yet with Belones' fall.


Nothing pushed the toggle to never traded
It shoot the gain, absolve oak Spanish dippings

House hair blackstained space race doubled up
Gave moonstone chopsleep arrogant sheep

Winter flowing potato
Given park snowy brightly,
Nervous kept grainy hunting bent
Needle spoken, eye peel back
Liar door, slip fly-latch